The things posh people do

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Things that posh people do

If you are intimidated
By men with lots of dosh
Or you get exasperated
With a woman talking posh,
Then spare a thought
For things they do,
When they disport
Like me and you.

They enter earth
Completely nude, it's
So the nurse
Can see their rude bits.
A good long year
They shit at will
And make it clear
They're volatile.

Once toilet trained
They use the loo
And unrestrained,
They'll wee and poo.
Growing older
They learn to fight
As they get bolder
For their rights.

They do have sex
Like me and you,
Yep, with their ex,
They do that too.
They'll cheat, defraud,
Amass, be greedy
Hide their hoard
For when they're needy.

These people Porsche
Are just like us,
(Except, of course,
Won't catch a bus).
They tell you many things untrue,
To save their skins, they lie,
Then, just the same as me and you,
They curl their toes, and die.

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