Fun at the fair

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Fun at the fair

Life is a roller coaster
Which we need to make the most o'
It is a slippery slide
That takes us for a ride.

Hell, it's a magic roundabout,
Sucks us in, then kicks us out,
A dizzy helter skelter,
Joe Cocker's Lady Delta.

Life is a fleeting candy floss,
Which will show you who's the boss,
And when you think you are in clover,
The fun fair closes, it's all over.

10 Comments on “Fun at the fair

  1. When you run out of rides, you’re dead. My Dad says it’s words we run out of. On rides, I am sparing and likely to live long. On words… ooooh I think I will take your philosophy. ๐Ÿคฃ

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