Robin the Hoodie

Photo by Lalu Fatoni on
 Robin the Hoodie 

Robin the Hoodie 
Had a band of in-laws 
Reputation as a goodie 
Who would fight for a cause. 

He made Marion join his gang, 
To irritate King John, 
Whose taxes were a scam. 
And who treated people wrong. 

He was hated by the bad, 
But revered by every goodie, 
A bit of a Jack-the-lad 
Was Robin the Hoodie, 
Robin the Hoodie. 

5 Comments on “Robin the Hoodie

  1. A band of in-laws. 🤣🤣. These Robbin’ types. They’re running amuck. It’s hard to tell, under the hoodies, the real baddies from the real goodies. But clearly your crew had it sorted.

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