It’s a sign

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It's a sign

Sunday, I wake up with the world's worst headache.
Monday, the headache is even worse. My doctor thinks I may have a tumour!
Tuesday, MRI scan and tests at the hospital.
Wednesday, test results are all negative. Doctors are convinced that stress is the cause.
Thursday, there is a horse running in the 2.30 tomorrow called Stress Headache. It's a sign! Stake a whole months pension on her finishing first.
Friday, Stress Headache finishes a close second to Gambling Fool. I lose the lot.
Saturday, Go out and drown my sorrows.
Sunday, I wake up with the world's worst headache...

10 Comments on “It’s a sign

  1. When I was a child, our record of “Chariots of Fire” had some kind of damage which meant that in the opening bars, there was a regular “took took took” noise in addition to the music. If that’s how you always hear it, that’s how you think it sounds. Chariots of Fire sounds wrong to me without the took tooks. I reckon this poor dude’s week feels a bit wrong without his pints leading to his headache, etc.

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