Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

divide us, 
polarise people.

To raise 
any topic 
contentious or otherwise 
is to divide opinion.
Those for, 
those against. 

Opinion though, 
raises our awareness, 
makes us think, 
outside the box, 
beyond the envelope, 
through the blue sky. 
It makes us human, 
in my opinion. 

23 Comments on “Opinions

  1. I really like this, Hobbo: it’s serious without being heavy, and has a delightful bouyancy in the last stanza; there is a place for flippancy, and there’s a place for heft —

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  2. Opinions are fine, in my view. It’s the rearranging of facts that has me befuddled. I scarcely know what to believe. It’s like running your life by tea leaf readings that just keep swirling!

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    • I soooo agree with you. There’s nothing factual in the newspaper anymore. It’s all stilted and conjecture and piffle, and sometimes I think I’m the only one in Sussex who actually buys a newspaper.

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      • The majority of newspapers here are owned by Murdoch. It’s very conservative and largely opinion. Even the good old ABC is hamstrung because they are dependent on gov’t funding. Fact and opinion are placed side by side like they’re the same thing So you look elsewhere for information and it gets very confusing.

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  3. The first two years over on Blogger, I had no readers. That was actually a brilliant echo chamber to explore all sorts of opinions. If I try that now, someone will just comment in 10s that it’s crap, without my really having had the chance to refine anything. But it’s good, knowing where you stand on a certain issue, because you derived it fromn first principles.

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      • No, Blogger is out there now. Think it is owned by Google. (blogger.com I guess) Wut between them and WP is a no-brainer because wp has all the social gubbins. Like I say, Blogger is an echo chamber so the only people finding your blog are on, like, Page 10 of a Google search.
        The big early advantage is that it is free. But, you know, you grow beyond that.

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