A rare treat

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com
A rare treat

After weeks
of waiting,
I have got one.
Should I
treat myself
and keep it,
auction it
on eBay
to the highest bidder?

They are,
after all
than hen's teeth
and harder
to find
than unicorn poo.

I am still
kicking myself,
and can barely believe
that I
have an actual
face to face
with my doctor.

14 Comments on “A rare treat

  1. 🀣🀣. Gotta laugh or you cry. Great build up! I would call it a page turner in other genres. Put it this way, I could feel myself stopping myself from looking ahead to find out what “it” was. 😊. I love the idea of auctioning a doctor’s appointment on ebay. Here you could auction some vaccine appointments but others … people would run from like you were offering them a venomous spider.

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  2. I’ve been lucky to be able to maintain live doc appts throughout the pandemic!
    Now the vet… I haven’t been allowed inside since Mar2020. Supposed to be able to go in this Sat but that was before mask mandates returned.

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