A Yorksher man abroad

Photo by Sami Abdullah on Pexels.com
 A Yorksher man abroad 

Fingers crossed, 
We took a chance, 
Packed our bags 
And moved to France.
Got involved
And integrated, 
Those French verbs, 
So complicated. 

Ten years later, 
And pull of friends, 
Finds us in the 
U.K, again. 
In Lancashire! 
Now that's a wrench, 
Much worse than learning 
Blooming French!  

14 Comments on “A Yorksher man abroad

  1. 😂😂. I know nothing of Lancashire. But I know that moving back from China (to a different city than before) was, in many ways, harder than moving to China. So while this made me chuckle out loud, I can totally relate.

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