A personal problem

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
A personal problem

The optician told me
That I have floaters!
Toilet problems are private
And no one likes gloaters!

18 Comments on “A personal problem

      • Slices of life here – good pie, some not so good. Changes afoot. Still unsettled. Hope all is well at Casa Hobbo. Regards to Dauph.

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      • We are considering moving (I think downsizing is the in phrase), so trying not to get stressed. Dauphy helps!

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      • The little one with large ears says to the effect, “Not to try, to do.” I find it quite impossible to NOT stress. Just get something taken care of and along comes some boob with another restriction, requirement, or absurd wrinkle. And us at our old and fragile stage of life. DO try not to stress. If downsizing is in the smokey crystal for you, it will happen, stress or no stress. I’ve done the stress way. Gonna now try to do it the no-stress way. Good luck on your endeavor. Espie.

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