Getting Published

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Getting Published

I have written a million words
and it's time for a publisher now
but why do I want to be printed?
I am not very sure anyhow.

My pension, it keeps me in beer,
Though never gone first class, of course,
I guess that my main motivation
is not for financial recourse.

I don't want my photo in lights,
much rather mix in with the crowd,
book signings and readings are out,
I'll remain in the shade, if allowed.

I would love a real book I could hold,
say with pride,"Look at this.I wrote that."
Then, when I say, "I'm a poet,"
they can not respond, "You're a twat!"

8 Comments on “Getting Published

  1. Ah, but most of the time we write for ourselves. Not to amuse or enlighten but to hear ourselves think and feel. Should others glom onto a piece and find it entertaining or soul-fulfilling, okay, but woe unto us who feel the need to be famous – a purpose so skewed benefits no one. Good job, here, good sir, good job!

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    • I think you are right on the money. For me it is not about fame or fortune or any of that nonsense. If I can make right minded people like you think, or feel or laugh, how much more fulfilling it would be to spread that experience to other readers, not for me, but for them.
      I haven’t explained this very well Espie, but you will get the gist, as per!

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  2. First class is overrated. Was upgraded once and the stewardess had to go to the tourist class to get me a beer 🍻. I would love to read your book during the flight.

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