A picture of happiness

Photo by Rogu00e9rio Martins on Pexels.com
A picture of happiness

I used to
love that photo,
us, the two girls
and Bella with her tongue hanging
out the side of her mouth,
all sprawled, lazily
under the big oak tree,
by the lake in the park.
A sun soaked day,
on a perfect afternoon,
a picture of happiness.

until one day
my friend,
clearly embarrassed, said,
"I'm not being funny Jools,
have you noticed
where Dave
has got his hand,
it looks like..."

Oh my God!

came the questions.
At first,
didn't want
to tell me about
daddy's little secret.
She thought
that she'd
be in trouble
for sharing.

The cops
were very sympathetic,
the family liaison officer
gradually coaxed
the whole
horrific nightmare from her.
That bastard
even involved
her younger sister.

are having counselling now,
and the girls,
individually and together.
It helps
but it's not enough.

And him?
I dream about
slitting his throat
in the shower,
like in those scary
prison movies,
because God may
be able to forgive him,
I can't.

11 Comments on “A picture of happiness

  1. I can’t write what I just whispered under my breath. I will say however that this is a very cleverly crafted piece. You’ve totally aced it.

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  2. This is a beautiful and empathetic poem on an awful subject. I can’t believe how many people get away with this kind of F***ed up behaviour. And often, for some complicated reason I don’t understand, the victims don’t get much support from other family members. The thing is, the trauma just goes on and on and on. Something like that being inflicted on an infant impacts the victim for their whole life and then, potentially their childrens lives… and on it goes.

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    • Thanks for the feedback Worms. As usual, you are spot on. The trauma for affected families must be never ending. It’s a similar thing for the families of murder victims. The murderer gets a second chance at life, but not the poor families.πŸ˜’

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