My favourite place

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My favourite place

The snow bonneted 
in Canada
are stunning.

The brooding immensity
 of Uluru
in Australia
has a haunting atmosphere.

The precision
of the Egyptian pyramids
is mind blowing.

The idiosyncratic customs
of western Europe
are charming.

And the home spun beauty
that is England
is reassuring.

But of all the places
around the world,
my favourite
by a country mile,
is snuggled up
in bed, 
at home
with you.

13 Comments on “My favourite place

      • I’m interested, though, do you have a favourite place, as in location? I’ve been to several places where I felt I belonged, but one place I always fancied ending up again was right down in the Pyrenees. Deep south. An hour past Carcasonne.

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      • Not really, to be honest. I have seen some truly wonderful and spectacular sights, and France was very welcoming for the ten years we lived there. I think, in the end though, the pull of home becomes stronger as we get older. It does for me anyway! πŸ™‚
        I have driven round that area in a motor-home when we were touring Europe, and it is beatiful.

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