The Confessor

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The Confessor

My dad
became a 'coffin confessor',
telling posthumous secrets,
and voicing previously unspoken opinions,
not for other people though,
for himself,
after he died.

What legacy then
did he leave
for me and my siblings?
A house?
A car?
A watch even?
He left us nothing.

Except that letter.
My dad, who called a spade a spade
and had a reputation as a hard ass
who beat his kids,
left each of us
a photocopy
of the same damned note.

It was a rant
about how we had offended him,
where we had gone wrong,
let him down
and why he was leaving everything,
every last bean,
to his friend.

A letter
from the grave,
how sick is that?
Why couldn't he tell us
face to face
and what happened to our right of reply?

If there is an afterlife
and I sure hope so,
then one fast approaching day,
I will get to look you in the eye
and ask you, "Why?"
You fucking coward.

20 Comments on “The Confessor

  1. this is one powerful piece, Hobbo, and it was worth waiting for ! You expressed your view point and David’s most cogently; I hope he reads this —

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  2. Sounds like a lot of shit went down. ๐Ÿ˜ข. Glad you’ve written a note. I hope there internet in the afterlife and that, instead of ads, you get messages from your family and friends.

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  3. My mother did the same, except no note. No explanation. She left everything to her sister and brother, who were 95 and 97 respectively. Mum was 94 when she passed. My cousins are now happy for her generosity. An explanation wouldโ€™ve been nice. I like to think she assumed her brother and sister needed the money more, which in fact they did. Life is funny if you remember how to laugh.

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