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The existence of a station
requires imagination,
to make the place a fact,
the train, the engine, track.

From fancy into flight
needs vision and foresight,
so let's have three great cheers
for our visionary peers.

14 Comments on “Visionaries

  1. So true!!! Quite amazing when you think about it. I mean, I’m pretty impressed that somebody invented bread. And what about knitting??? Who the hell put yarn on two sticks and figured out how to flick them about to make it mesh. And then (post polo mints) there’s bicycles. Imagine setting out for the first time on two wheels in a straight line. Do you think the person’s spouse was running along behind holding the seat yelling advice?

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  2. And a coffee bean grinder. I’m so glad not to be bashing beans against a rock every morning, just so Mr M can get his blood pressure moving. And what about soap? Did someone taste it first to see if it was edible, and when their mouth started foaming they declared, β€œit’s soap; don’t shoot me; I don’t have rabies.”

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