Growing up

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Growing up

My little sister
is bigger than me,
a boy must have kissed her,
that's what it will be!

Kissing boys makes you grow
right up to the sky,
my mummy should know,
she is thirty feet high!

22 Comments on “Growing up

  1. Hobbo, I have a question… As a fellow name hider, if you ever publish a book of your poems, will you share the blog you and the book you? This week I have made a photo book of my poems and photos. I am giving it to my mum for her birthday. And of course I intend to keep a copy. But I see it as a first step to seeking publication. So do I break my anonymity? Have you pondered this conundrum,?

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    • I have indeed Worms. I have been keeping quiet about this, but seeing you asked…
      Firstly, I want to stay anonymous if possible, because recognition and all that goes with it, is not something that attracts me. I toyed with the idea of self-publication, but it looks too much like hard work. All I want is to write poems which as many people as possible can enjoy.
      Next, I tried the publisher route. I wrote to one, but did not meet their submission criteria, but having explained what they wanted, they kindly invited me to try again.
      I submitted a manuscript for a first book two weeks ago, and they have replied, saying I will get a decision in six weeks, so I am currently waiting.
      Now these are ‘independent’ publishers who will probably charge for publishing, marketing etc, but if I can break even I would be happy. I have plans for a lot more books, but I will have to wait to see what sort of reaction I get from the publishers first. I have told them that I wish to stay anonymous, but I don’t know how that would fit with their marketing strategy.
      I hope this helps, and now that you have raised the subject, I will happily keep you updated, if you wish?

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