A cure

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
A Cure
I went to the doctor's, feeling slightly depressed,
Expecting to hear,"Over there, get undressed,
Take two pink pills with your food, three times a day,
There was nothing else? Okay, go away!"

But she listened instead, said I could take up blogging,
I protested,"It's cold, and I'm too old for jogging."
"No, blogging, you fool, we are talking website,
And let's check your ears, because something's not right."

So, I started a blog called Calamity Jane,
Where I talked through my problems and made my views plain.
Folk began to engage and I soon had a group
Of followers, faithful, who kept in the loop.

Others dropped out, which was not unexpected,
A handful were blocked when I got disrespected,
On the whole, everybody was kind and supportive,
Even posts not thought through, which were frankly abortive.

Of course, I now know, no matter the weather
We are all of us in this mad life together,
My knowledge and tolerance have improved somewhat
And best thing of all, I now laugh a lot.

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