My Yorksher girl

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My Yorksher girl

My girl, is a Yorksher pearl,
She's a wine drinking, beer sinking,
hard swearing, tattoo wearing,
love making, back breaking,
French kissing, teeth missing,
shit slinging, horrid singing,
weight lifting, heavy shifting,
dart playing, dragon slaying,
fat frying, bare-faced lying,
curse yelling, B.O smelling,
dole scrounging, lizard lounging,
thought provoking, heavy smoking,
pub stripping, skinny dipping,
twice in jail, hard as nails,
fast food eating, husband cheating,
body hairy, downright scary,
stay up late, overweight,
opinionated, overrated,
pox carrying, never marrying,
pudding of a Yorksher girl!

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