The house chain

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The house chain

If only that old tent would go
to put towards their studio.

And if the studio sold, then that
would help them buy the ground floor flat.

The ground floor flat would probably sell
if it didn't have that funny smell.

To sort it out, with touch of bleach
would put that terraced house in reach.

That terrace may be near the pier,
but still, it's just a tad too dear.

If they drop the price, it's sure to shift
and give those semi folk a lift.

To buy that house with gorgeous view,
which, cost wise is, I think, a coup.

With all these ducks lined in a row,
then we can have our bungalow.

9 Comments on “The house chain

  1. If only a tent were a leg up in the property market!! ๐Ÿ™ƒ. I do feel like Mr Worms and I just got in before the market headed intergalactic. These days you need prosperous parents plying prismatic plastic on your behalf. Even rent payments require a degree in management.

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    • ๐Ÿ˜‚Very true. The house chain is also a reflection of how materialistic we are, despite our protests to the contrary!


      • It’s true. After traveling in Europe and Asia I realized how big our houses are here in Oz. We have persisted with a fairly small house for this reason. Well, partly that reason. Other factors (like cost) also contributed. But telling ourselves we were being less materialistic made us feel better, at least.

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