Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com
is a fragile old woman
whose mature beauty,
makes us
gasp in wonder
and whose abuse
at the hands
of her inept, juvenile carers
has us weep
bitter, impotent tears.

5 Comments on “Abuse

  1. A sad metaphor …. sadly apt. A comment on two issues at once. However, interestingly, I was just talking to my father who is a geologist by profession. He said my brother had asked him what the bad news for the Earth is with regards to all this curmudgeonly behaviour by humans. According to Papa Worms, the Earth will go on spinning. It has survived other different assaults and will almost certainly survive us. I don’t find that incredibly comforting but it is something. It is humbling, at least. We are just another plaguey beetle, really, rotting the timbers and making old houses fall down.

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    • I think that Papa Worms is spot on. The planet will undoubtedly survive, but us pesky humans who are doing their best to destroy it will get their comeuppance! 🙂

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