Passing Time

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Passing Time

One sounds, like a runaway train,
determined, the end to attain.
One, as auricular should,
all solid and brasses and wood.
A third keeps apace with my heart,
regular, until we depart.
And the last one, makes no noise at all,
A reminder, that all of us fall.

9 Comments on “Passing Time

  1. this feels like a riddle. I’m bad at riddles. I’m imagining types of time keepers. But the last one has me beat. A stop-watch, a good old fashioned ticking clock, a pace maker… and then I thought a digital clock …. OH NO! Maybe it’s a stopped watch? Terrifying thought.

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  2. I was WhatsApping with my cousin last night, and we both feel time is being stolen from us. We’re both fed up with being careful and cautious and wary and frightened. And I feel a tantrum coming on! 😂

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  3. Time, a gift best left wrapped. Rarely check the clock if I can help it. Prefer to be surprised at the abundance or lack of time. (Am also frequently late to things).

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