Weather Forecast

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Weather forecast
High pressure, and sun,
Pack a coat everyone.
It's determined to snow,
Rain's bound to show.
Forty degrees,
Wrap up well, please.
Rainfall extreme,
Fetch the sun screen.

Wind from the East,
It will blow from the West.
Guaranteed fine,
No more sunshine.
Perfectly clear,
Hailstorms are near.
Hot for a week,
The roof's going to leak.

Drizzle a bit,
Absolute shit.
The wind will be strong,
Calm again, wrong.
Forecast is checked,
What can I expect?
If the errors would stop,
I could harvest my crop!

14 Comments on “Weather Forecast

  1. At 8am it was sunny. 10am it’s cloudy, and my phone just warned me I’ll need an umbrella. Odd that because I thought it was bad luck to open an umbrella indoors.

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  2. a common gripe down under too, Hobbo; but usually the next three days’ forecasts are right; it’s when yo go further forward that errors, some egregious, occur —

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    • In fairness, it is difficult here. We have so many micro-climates that the weather in neighbouring valleys can be totally different.

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