Stick in the mud

Stick in the mud

You threw me a stick,
it was stuck, in the mud.
What a dick!
Your throw was not good.

I scrabbled at it,
got it out with my paws.
Now I've got shit,
stuck in my claws!

Hobbo:  Sorry Dauphy, it won't happen again.
Dauphy:  Good. I'm pleased to hear it.
Hobbo:  Nice poem though!
Dauphy:  Thank you. I do try.
Hobbo:  You do very well for a ......
Dauphy:  Dog?  Labrador?
Hobbo:  Old man. I was going to say old man...

10 Comments on “Stick in the mud

  1. good to see Dauphy back on board again with his wicked sense of humor 🙂 I think he was a little hard on you, Hobbo: we are mere humans after all 🙂

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  2. When I used to throw a stick for Molly, she’d run (or rather spring, since she was a Springer), grab it in her mouth, and then chew it into something suitable for mulch.

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