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They are closing in.
I am being surveilled.
My liberty, my freedom
could soon be curtailed.

The twitching curtains
of neighbourhood spies,
who are nice to my face,
but can't meet my eyes.

My car's being tracked,
there are bugs in my flat,
as yet undetected
but I smell a rat.

Spooks on the corner
are watching my moves,
escape routes are closing,
I've no time to lose.

My passport's been earmarked,
They're watching the ports,
A lookout's been posted
by every police force.

I could hand myself in,
succumb to the looks,
or should I return
these old library books?

18 Comments on “Paranoia

  1. Did you see this new anti-abortion law in Texas, btw? They made is so the citizen gets a reward if they successfully dob someone in. State-sponsored snooping!

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      • The thing that gets me, theselaws are all wealth laws, not morality laws.
        A poor woman will be stuck in texas to have their baby. Most probably on their own.
        A rich woman will fly to somewhere more civilised and have their abortion.

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      • Exactly. Laws always affect classes disproportionately. If you have the money to pay for top lawyers, your chances of acquittal are much higher.😒

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  2. Should do what I did. Use a different name and address. Its great I’ve got that many books now my cars like a mobile library.

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