Shame on you!

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Shame on you!

Do the well heeled celebs
who advertise betting,
ever pause for a moment
to think, where they're getting

the thousands they make
by encouraging bets?
Do they give any thought
to the man chasing debts,

who can't feed his family,
has nowhere to hide,
who ashamed and disgraced,
commits suicide.

21 Comments on “Shame on you!

    • It is very annoying. Gambling is wrecking so many lives, and the people who promote and normalise it don’t need the money! Grrr! πŸ˜’

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      • Do you know that all the UK gambling headquarters are in Gibraltar? I once looked at jobs there and that was literally all there was – jobs with gambling companies.

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  1. That’s very true, I think. I think we need to see gambling as a hobby, a pastime, in much the same way as I used to like photography or cycling, and would spend spare time and money on it. Purely for the buzz value I got from it.
    But a lot of people can’t see it like that, and it angers me that the bookies are complicit in putting them into greater debt.

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  2. The trouble is, gambling is an addiction, not just a hobby. It’s calculated to reward people just enough that they keep coming back. I am appalled that any celeb what put their name to such an ad. Here cigarette companies are no longer allowed to advertise. Gambling should be the same. And probably alcohol too. And maybe coffee. Lol. I include that because it’s my weakness. I am not sure how much damage it does to people’s lives.

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    • Absolutely, it is an addiction. When I was a cop in the seventies, advertising gambling was not allowed. I am convinced that there are many more addicts now.
      BTW, don’t worry about the coffee, that and tea are the true Holy Grail!

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  3. Gambling is an addition, just like drinking can be. I’ve lived with someone addicted to gambling and it is something they cannot help. Luckily my husband was able to stop, but there are many others that cannot.

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    • I agree, but well paid celebrities should be encouraging addicts to stop, not promoting it for their own personal gain. I am glad that your husband was able to beat this, because, like a lot of addictions, it destroys families. πŸ˜’


  4. Great poem Hobbo. These celebs are fine with taking the money for the adverts telling everyone how fun it is. I’m sure they don’t even think about the misery it can cause. The bookie next to me is always busy.

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