Meteo meter

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Meteo meter

It is not coincidence
that sun
with fun.

And it's of significance,
that rain
with pain.

But I'm damned
if I know
why cello
rhymes with snow!

11 Comments on “Meteo meter

  1. We can blame the Vikings for their infiltration of our language. My husband is Danish. You’d be amazed how many words in Danish are near-sounds to English.

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    • Very interesting. I’ve just finished reading a book called The shortest history of England by James Hawes. He has a theory, which he demonstrates quite convincingly, that our North South divide can be traced right back to Danes and Vikings and and all the rest of our conquerors. This includes the difference in language in the North and South which persists to this day.

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      • There’s no doubt about it in my mind. And interestingly, all of our close friends are northerners. A shared sense of humour probably. Danish sense of humour is dead dry.

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