The Drinking Game

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The Drinking Game

A small glass of whisky
things don't look too risky.
A nice pint of beer,
my conscience is clear.

A half of strong cider,
my grin's getting wider.
The bottle of red
goes straight to my head.

A quick vodka shot
and she's looking quite hot.
I won't need the brandy,
I'm already randy.

One more white wine,
the whole world looks fine.
She is on the gin
she says with a grin.

I feel a bit merry
as I switch to sweet sherry.
She, a good sport,
remains on the shorts.

Round to my place?
Whoah, that would be ace!
I grab a quick stout
before passing out.

She's now cross with me,
the pub's licencee.
I can not think why,
perhaps, it's that pie!

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