Social Exclusion

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Social Exclusion

The room is full,
everyone is talking
at once, it seems
a foreign language
I don't understand.
Mumbled nonsense.
I try again,
concentrating hard.
A little better.
A little clearer,
but still mumbled,

Someone makes a point.
I smile
Draw the strange look.
I think,
welcome to my world.
The world of the deaf.

6 Comments on “Social Exclusion

  1. Yes. I have a deaf friend. She’s very good at lip reading but it’s jolly hard work in social situations. She’s written a great memoir called “Hearing Maud”. It gave me much greater insight into the challenges of being deaf.

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  2. My early school years were at a school with intake of both hearing impaired and hearing kids. We learned to lip read. We didn’t learn signing, but that lip reading is darned handy and amusing during a footie game. 😂

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