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Are we surprised the Taliban
impose an arbitrary ban
on women, doing little more
than cooking, cleaning, washing floors,
complying with Sharia law.

New found freedoms, now curtailed,
once again, their faces veiled,
'collaborators' thrown in jail.
Where for them, equality,
the simple things that you and me

take for granted, in our stride.
What of their hopes?  Their dreams?  Their pride?
Deserted by the Western world,
to Isis banners, shame unfurled,
into a heinous maelstrom hurled.

15 Comments on “Afghanistan

  1. Your poem is beautifully written. It is haunting and sad. And I don’t know enough to comment sensibly… only instinctively. I don’t know how “bad” the Taliban really is (sorry if this sounds terrible but my trust of Western Media and Western politicians is at an all time low). And the Western abandonment (in the circumstances) seems the greater betrayal because we interfered without being asked to and now we leave them worse off than before. It seems a greater crime.

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    • It is such a sad situation, one of those which makes us feel powerless, yet at the same time annoyed with our elected leaders. 😒

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  2. I heard last night that they’d bannwed protests. Leopards don’t change their spots.

    But just think how bad the previous regime must have been, for the Taliban to overrun the country so quickly. It was only anout 6 weeks.

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