Below the belt

Photo by Patrick Case on
Below the belt

American tag team, Mangle and Bash,
Liked a fine supper of bangers and mash,
Which cost them their lives,
When the wrestler's wives
Added arsenic to get at their cash.

11 Comments on “Below the belt

  1. LOL I can’t get past the picture. That guy looks like a security guard who got hot, took his shirt off and then had a very large belly full of helium and now he’s a little freaked out. The others are all like “Dude! Get down off your high! It’s against wrestle rules.” Meanwhile, the arsenic’s kicking in and he’s getting pale. Any luck, and he’ll be the first wrestler to die while floating. His wife will be thrilled with the publicity and the flow of funds! What a blast! πŸ˜€

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