Photo by Italo Melo on Pexels.com

It's not luck of the draw!
If you exercise more,
cut the drink down a bit
and the cigarettes quit.
Eat more veg and less meat,
spend some time on your feet,
make several treks,
give up the sex,
and don't bathe on the beach,
then a hundred you'll reach.
...But I want some fun,
ninety nine, that's me done!

11 Comments on “Longevity

  1. I keep talking about a documentary I saw about Okinawa. There were interviewing a woman who looked roughly 70, prob 60 in person. But since the show was about longevity of Okinawas, I figured she’d turn out to be a very healthy/spy 80. She was 106!!!!

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  2. We’re going for pudding. LOL It’s a new plan. I can’t seem to find enough vegetarian meals that everybody likes so my new plan is… we’ll eat more pudding and that way we won’t need as much mains which will reduce our meat intake. A sort of crazy plan but I reckon we might get away with it.

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