Suicide is painful

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Dauphy: You’ve missed the boat with this one!

Hobbo: Why?

Dauphy: Suicide prevention week was last week.

Hobbo: I know, but it is such an important subject, I needed to give it some thought first.

Dauphy: Fair enough!

Suicide is painful

There are people who say,
confidently, no doubt,
that ending your life
is a coward's way out.

Well, I want to die
and for me anyhow,
the question's not why,
I need to know, how?

I could jump out in front
of a train or a lorry.
A traumatised driver,
I can't do that, sorry.

Or, shed my own blood,
a quick slash of a vein.
It would certainly work,
but I can not stand pain.

Throw myself from a cliff?
I have thought I might.
The logic is missing,
but I'm frightened of heights.

A handful of pills
and a bottle of booze,
seems a neat, tidy way,
with nothing to lose.

Though what of the ones
I am leaving behind?
Are they better without,
or is that too unkind?

And what about God?
If I cut short his gift
and he really exists,
he is bound to be miffed.

So, I'm not being brave,
really, I'm scared,
I would end it all,
but I haven't quite dared.

Don't try to tell me
it's the coward's way out,
I'm afraid you don't know
what you're talking about.

10 Comments on “Suicide is painful

  1. Good one, Hobbo. Saying it’s the cowards way out shows a complete lack of understanding and empathy. I’m getting triggered just thinking about it!

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