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Her self respect,
bruised as her face.

Her hope,
absent as her teeth.

Her expectations.
bloodied as her mouth.

And her future,
black as her eyes.

She keeps returning,
because he loves her.

And he'll keep apologising,
until he kills her.

24 Comments on “Sorry

  1. Unfortunately it happens. At least in the UK I think domestic violence is taken a lot more seriously by the authorities these days. In Spain, for example, a woman gets killed nearly every day 😳

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  2. Seen it, yet don’t understand it. Taken some to jail for it, yet it served no purpose. Got assistance for some who suffered, yet they went back. Who, I ask, has the larger, more insidious illness?

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    • Thank you. Yes. I know first hand from dealing with some of these victims how difficult it is for them to break the cycle. πŸ˜’


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