A stitch in time

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
A stitch in time

That roof tile has slipped,
shall I open the shed?
I'll fix it tomorrow,
I'm going to bed.

Now the guttering's blocked,
and the water runs over.
The price roofers charge!
They are living in clover.

The rain has got in,
damp patch on the ceiling,
best get a decorator,
the paper is peeling.

Wow, it's got worse,
brought off all the plaster!
The builders are here,
it looks a disaster.

I'll go to the bank,
get a mortgage type loan.
The roof's fallen in,
it's a real no-go zone.

The manager, cheeky,
with a sarcastic smile,
blames the whole thing on me
for not fixing that tile!

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