Death of a bee

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
Death of a bee

The miniature tiger
lay perfectly still,
frosted wings motionless,
quite clearly ill.
We all have to die
but I still had to try.
I laid the poor creature
on the old water feature,
hoping that drinking
would stop her from sinking,
but this beautiful thing,
the size of my thumb
nail, breathed her last breath
and sadly succumbed.

10 Comments on “Death of a bee

  1. Awww. Maybe it was a boy bee who had serviced his queen. Oh hang on maybe I am thinking of ants. 🤔. I think it was but bees might be similar. The queen takes to the sky and the boy ants all swarm after her for the opportunity aerial errrr consummation. If they succeed in this royal conquest they die and presumably fall from the sky.

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  2. The fattened queen hibernates until spring, and about half of the hive dies off during autumn and winter, meaning the supply of honey/food is sufficient for those remaining. Nature is ruthless.

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