Let them be

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
Let them be

Don't fret
about the misplaced ring,
it is already lost,
or worry
about your job,
you retired long ago.

The shiny new car
on your driveway,
has rusted away
in the scrapyard.
That beautiful house
you scrimped and scraped to buy
is a pile of builders rubble,
and your delightful children
have become grandparents.

So, stop worrying
about things
that have already happened.
Let them go,
let them be.

25 Comments on “Let them be

  1. So much wisdom in this one, Hobbo. It’s touching and beautiful. It makes me think of my mom. She eats microwave macaroni and cheese every single night and loves it. She’s entitled. 🙂

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  2. I’m on my second wedding band. The first one wore thin and was biting into my finger. May I ask, Hobbo, what sort of inheritance law would require you to marry Mrs H twice?

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    • Sure. We were advised that because our marriage had been in England, in the event of me or Mrs H carking it, our kids may have had an automatic right to half the property and could claim it immediately if they so wished. Although this was unlikely to happen, being a romantic soul I asked Mrs H to marry me again in France to be on the safe side! 😂


      • Ah yes. I hope it was a joyful occasion. We had a similar situation, Mr M working for P&O and then Maersk so we live in various countries with ports most of our working life. We had that 17-year domicile rule to contend with for inheritance and tax purposes. All good fun.

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