Forgive and forget

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Forgive and forget

I can
and will

I can
let live
and will
let live.

I can't
not quite,
not yet.

18 Comments on “Forgive and forget

  1. my mother had a saying — I think it was quite common back then — I can forgive but I can’t forget πŸ™‚ people were very good at holding grudges back then; another of mum’s sayings — it wouldn’t pass muster now — ‘that’s all right; I’d do it for a blackfella’ 😦 they were different times —

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  2. Sometimes I think I have forgiven. But repeat offences dig up old wounds. I don’t think I am keeping score but there comes a breaking point. Does that make me a grudge holder?

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  3. I often debate whether the inability to forget means that I haven’t actually forgiven. But I don’t fret about it… memory prevents repeats!

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