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Is it just me, or do other writers find that their WordPress accounts develop inexplicable and quite random bugs for no apparent reason?  It's quite frustrating when you get used to a certain way of doing things. Particularly so when you are as non-technically minded as me. Today's latest glitch came when I tried to delete the comments in the spam folder of which I usually get about twenty on an average day. The bulk edit button has stopped working, so that now I have to delete each spam comment individually. Now, I know that in the scheme of things, this is not a big deal when people are starving to death, but I did wonder if it was me or WP!
It's you!

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  1. you may recall the other day — though it was a comment to Worms — that I had trouble formatting my ‘Shambala’ poem which turned out to be a bit of a shambles because in the ‘Reader’ feed there was a picture, but no text 😦 consequently a reader would not be aware oh what the post might be about and ignore it; thankfully people responded but I was annoyed by it

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  2. Oh, there’s very much a reason!

    But they do tweak things quite regularly, and don’t seem to test. I remember once I looked at a long list – it night have been of posts or something – and they had managed to remove the scrollbar!
    Which then reappeared, as if by magic, a few hours later, when obviously someone thought on to look at the site.

    The thing of value here is the community, not so much the software lying underneath, and WP take advantage of that to write poor-quality software.

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  3. On the left is the Bulk Actions button. On the far right is an Empty Spam button. Hit Empty Spam. Don’t you have that? Alternatively, put a tick in the Author box, which will select all spams on the page, and then Bulk Action -> and then Delete Permanently.

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  4. Of course it’s you. (Pulling your chain, man, pulling your chain!) Happens to most software. Human-sourced. Makes you look forward to AI-driven cars, eh? Because ultimately the code originated from a dork who opined, “Nah, that will never happen; no need to code for that exception.”

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  5. It’s wp. They’re constantly doing background updates that either temp break things or perm change them.

    The same thing happened, months ago, with media files. When I hit my limit I used to delete months at a time. Now they can only be deleted one by one. And the export “feature” hasn’t worked in years.

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  6. Have you tried shouting at it Hobbo? If that doesn’t work hit it. If that doesn’t work try shouting and hitting it at the same time.

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