Booze Cruisin’

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Booze Cruisin'

A love-life oft hinges
on booze fueled binges,
the lure of those wine tinted glasses,
for without alcohol
there is no way at all
most people would dare to make passes.

13 Comments on “Booze Cruisin’

  1. i wonder what they did before booze was invented? it’s amazing we survived as a species. OH dear. I’m coming across all sarcastic today. Sorry about that. Do you think our self consciousness is a sign of “civilisation”?

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      • Yes. Actually I listened to a woman interviewed who has been living “in the wild” in New Zealand for ten years. She actually said she’s lost all those “imaginary fears” (like what people will think of you or say about you) because living in the wild you’re dealing with real survival fears and you quiet your mind to other things to enable you greatest focus.

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      • Interesting. The old nature v nurture argument. Amazing what ten years peace and quiet can do for the soul. 🙂

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  2. Piffle. I’d sidestep anyone who needed to be boozed-up in order to speak to me. Gosh, I might’ve woke up feeling obnoxious today.

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