Breath Taking

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Breath Taking

a wonderful,
coalescence of space dust.

Briefly inhabited,
and abused
by the human race,
before they were
choked to extinction
by their own
grasping, gasping

Gone now,
nothing left.
No life,
simply peace.
An opportunity
to pause,
to take a breath,
breathe fresh life,
to start again.
Dauphy:  I do worry about our planet.
Hobbo:  Me too, mate.
Dauphy:  It won't affect us though, will it?
Hobbo:  It already is, and it will get worse for our children and grandchildren.
Dauphy: And puppies!
Hobbo:  Yes Dauphy, and all those generations of creatures yet to be born...
Dauphy:  It makes me sad.
Hobbo:  Do you want a biscuit?
Dauphy:  Go on then...

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