This ability

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This ability

can make
a small task
of the endeavour

5 Comments on “This ability

  1. I can’t really speak to this. I did listen to a quadruple amputee interviewed recently and she did say that the last thing she wants is to be treated differently to others. Learning to fold clothes with her new hands was jolly difficult and frustrating and she lost her cool a number of times. But she’s learned to just go away for a bit and come back when she’s calmer to try again. And she got there. I don’t remember her saying that she felt fabulous about it but I really hope so. That was really about the learning curve more than any sense of achievement.

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    • I can only speak personally here Worms. I have essential tremor, which basically makes my hands tremble like crazy whenever I do anything. It makes the completion of even a minor DIY task, which would have been simple before, extremely time consuming and difficult. This is very frustrating, but I also feel a sense of achievement, a sort of ‘beaten you, you bastard’ attitude when I do manage to complete something. 🙂


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