The discovery

Photo by cottonbro on
The discovery

A baby T-Rex
the size of a chook!
Do they all need new specs?
Could it not be a duck?

This tiny T-Rex
you could keep as a pet,
did it feast on insects
or dine out at Dinette.

The dinosaur dwarf,
roosting in flocks,
she sure is a morph
that would scare off the fox.

18 Comments on “The discovery

  1. Scare off a fox??! I want me one of those! ยฃ&!! foxes at my pots again. By the way, did you read that this chickensauras was the precursor to those big stompers ?

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  2. Thanks for the news update. LOL. Had to go and check it out. What a creature! I think you’re right that they’d be a hit if they were available today at local pet stores.

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