The Tussle

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The Tussle

It's Yorksher curries v Lancashire pies,
A steely fought fight for an annual prize.
A modern day version of War of the Roses
In which winner stands tall and proudly proposes
Undisputedly, claims to their bragging rights
And the chance to sleep sound in their beds at night,
Whilst the losers sob into their beer
And dream of successes next year.
What then, is this mysterious sport
With winners delighted and losers distraught?
A hard combination of skill and sheer force,
Why, rugby league, women's version, of course.

14 Comments on “The Tussle

    • πŸ˜‚ I think the standard of play in women’s sport has improved a lot since many more sports have been put on a professional footing. πŸ‘

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  1. Oh yes! I tried signing my daughter up for Ruby this year, she’s got all that fire and I thought I’d let her try to give her an outlet. No taker, but will try again next year.

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