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Personal trainers,
an utter no-brainer
for dodging those maddening queues.
If you want to look cool,
well, you'd be a fool
to settle for secondhand shoes.

9 Comments on “Personal

  1. Here in Australia, personal trainers are people who are basically fitness sergeant majors. You pay them to yell at you until you sweat. Well, that’s a very personal interpretation from somebody who has never actually experienced the joy. I think, although my relationship with shoes is getting worse and worse, that I prefer your sort of personal trainer.

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  2. During the last medication review, the nurse asked 2-jillion questions including his often do you go to the gym? I don’t, I said, and she asked do you wash your car; do gardening; vacuum the house; clean the windows? Yes, yes, yes and yes, I said. Then yes, you qualify as going the gym, she said. I was so proud of going to the gym without paying! 😂

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  3. Awesome pic! I love the personal blurb too. Life shouldn’t think of shoes as a status symbol. Sometimes that shoes that are more worn as the ones that are the most used and the most loved.

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