The beauticians queue

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The beautician's queue

Never before had there been at the door
such a queue for her beautician's parlour,
jumbucks wanting tucks, beak-straightening for ducks,
dietary advice for a tubby koala.

A blue-grey Shar-Pei feeling less than okay,
needing botox to sort out his wrinkles,
shells that had swelled and misshapen as well,
the complaint of some small periwinkles.

A tiny bush baby was wondering, maybe
if her eyes were just quite the right shade.
whilst a seal with a deal to much tusk to eat eel
was having prosthetic ones made.

A tiger, well frightening, had asked for teeth whitening,
a hippo, to flatten her ears,
an elephant had had a super nose job,
a dear, the best spheres in Kashmir.

Three bumblebees and an old chimpanzee
wanted hair that was just a touch straighter
and a penguin from Dublin, a fashionable sheepskin
that did not make her look like a waiter.

There were monkeys and donkeys, oxen and foxes,
all forming an orderly queue
for beautician seeing, but no human being,
we're content with our bodies thank you!

12 Comments on “The beauticians queue

  1. How wonderful!! All of it. The concept, the rhymes, the wonderful descriptions of the animals (a bumblebee wanting its hair straightened!! :-D), the rhythm… it’s just all fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

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