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The telly died first,
Champions League,
Liverpool v Athletico.
A dark shadow spread
over the pitch,
obsolescence built in,
an electrical cancer,
aggresive and terminal.
Quickly sorted though,
online bargain,
free delivery too.

Then the boiler,
no power.
That, a smidgeon more difficult.
Phone line
suggested going online,
Mr W.W.Web was not available.
Finally made contact
with a human being,
or a recording of one, to be accurate.
Appointment made,
any time between 6am and 11pm!
Brilliant, job done.

Unable to sleep.
Worry of engineer's visit.
Check watch, 1.45am
again, the same as last time
I shook it. Watch is broken.
Should have got that second hand Rolex
I couldn't afford.
Ah well. That's three.
At least it's not me.
Not this time anyway.

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