Love Birds

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Love Birds

Robin, said his missus,
do you fancy a nightjar?
I'd rather have a night in gale
and I don't want to get yellow hammered,
but I suppose there's time to swallow
a swift one
at the mucky duck.
So, off they swanned,
woodchatting away
but they took a wrong tern
and whydah you know
a bitter night fell.
He donned his black cap.
She told him that he looked a booby,
a great tit even
and to stop larking about.
He sniped back
though not wanting to grouse,
she said, starling,
just rook,
there's your friend, martin,
emu you like!
They all crowed together,
had a good old stonechat
until a mynah bird,
a ruddy duck,
peafowled the water,
mockingbirds as a species,
by saying, anyone for a shag?
What a bustard!

16 Comments on “Love Birds

  1. Brilliant! Glad no one was robin the joint. Or cheating at Rook by hiding using the old cardinal wing. πŸ˜€chirrup’ed my day, Hobbo.

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