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Way up past me clogs,
thigh-high in mud,
for me and the dogs
this weather's no good.

It's blowing a shout
and freezing too, see
we'd not be off out,
if they didn't need a wee!

13 Comments on “Mud

  1. Is “blowing a shout” a common expression in your neck of the woods? Or is that of your invention? I like it. I remember last winter, taking the puppy out at all times of the night trying to encourage him to go outside rather than in. Golly it was fresh sometimes!

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    • 😂 I made it up whilst listening to the wind outside. I do like to think of fresh expressions sometimes. One of my favourites is when the poet Dylan Thomas came up with ‘quiet as a domino’, so much more apt and original than quiet as a mouse. I have always loved dogs, but they can test your patience when the weather is bad. 🙂

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      • Awesome! I love “blowing a shout”. We walked in the rain yesterday. It wasn’t blowing a shout. We did get quite wet though. I think Australia and England have opposite extremes. I don’t really understand the cold of England. And perhaps British people don’t really understand the hot of the Aussie summer.

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      • Thank you, Worms. It’s true. Whenever I speak to my son in Melbourne, the weather there seems to be diametrically opposite what it is here.🙂

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