The perfect job

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The perfect job

Nine to five is not for me,
The no sir, yes sir, no siree.
I'll choose a job with hours short,
time for family, friends and sport.

Avoiding stress, designer stubble,
suits to match and shooting trouble.
Supervision, that's not me,
I need a job where I can be

allowed to mention what I think,
your mission sucks, your morals stink.
Career's okay, but life means more
than listening to the office bore

pontificating what new trend
will get our customers to spend
their hard earned money on our lines,
which really are a waste of time.

Bespoke my needs, not off the shelf,
a job where I can be myself,
a circus clown, comedian,
equestrian or ice cream man,

Big Issue seller, benefits
-no, I want to work (a bit),
I guess I'll stay a troglodyte,
sit in my cave all day and write.

13 Comments on “The perfect job

  1. Quite so, quite so. Capital decision! Did you know that the Latin name for chimpanzees is Pan Troglodyte? I learned that for a school assignment my daughter did recently.

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  2. What a delicious word troglodyte. Could we start a society, you think? Troglodytians? Meetings on the first Sunday of every other month beginning with the letter J.

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  3. Nothing wrong with living in a troglodyte cave. Loved exploring them in the Loire Valley, when travel was permitted and world wasn’t a big oozing germ.

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