To punctuate, or not to punctuate

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To punctuate, or not to punctuate?

It's a difficult evaluation;
the significance of punctuation.
If I put a full stop.  here. would you stop?
or, should you clamour
for a comma?
Would an exclamation mark with swollen!
give a man a semi-colon;
or would you
rather not be bothered
prefer it if
I blathered on
and on and on
and on
with no sense
of whats right
or whats

18 Comments on “To punctuate, or not to punctuate

  1. You’ve opened up a can’o’worms here, Hobbo…what about putting commas before people’s names in comments? Never sure whether to do that or not!

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    • 😂Thanks, Ingrid. I am never sure whether to do that either Ingrid! Punctuation rules are difficult. I always get confused with punctuation inside and outside speech marks for instance. I suspect that is why a lot of poets opt out and don’t use punctuation at all. Capitalization is another thing where the customs seem to be evolving.

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