True Equality

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True Equality

I'm completely anti-racist,
don't care for social class,
two hoots how black your face is,
how white your sorry ass.

Wealthy king or homeless bum,
I treat you just the same,
all alike to me, old chum,
no need to know your name.

Your titles stupefy me,
Your money makes me squirm,
Take note, I'll liquify thee,
I'm a very hungry worm!

18 Comments on “True Equality

  1. He he. Love the ending. There’s a great joke (although for years I thought it was true) about one of our ex prime ministers. It doesn’t really matter which one. But I think the original joke was about Paul Keating. He goes into a nursing home and he’s chatting with various residents. Just as he’s leaving he sees an elderly lady sitting on her own. He walks up and says hello and then asks “Do you know who I am?” She responds “No, dear, but if you ask at the front desk, I’m sure they’ll tell you.”

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  2. “two hoots how black your face is,
    how white your sorry ass” Love that and the ending. I remember a quote, something about at the end of the game all the chess pieces go in the same box.

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