Going green

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com
Going Green

I'm going carbon-neutral
from now on, gas is out,
not green, apparently,
so what of Brussels sprouts

and cabbages and cauli,
slender runner beans,
are all these gas producers
now not considered green?

It's all a bit confusing
when trying to be good,
perhaps the next new thing,
an electric-hybrid spud.

16 Comments on “Going green

  1. I hear ya. (Snicker.) Lovely little cabbages, them’n’s look delicious. For an old stallion (another snicker) like me, oats does the trick. Cute read.

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  2. A bit confusing, indeed. And even Kermit agrees.
    β€œIt’s not easy being green,” he says. Hmmm. All a bit confusing. *smiling* Thanks for the fun read.

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